Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women

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Introduction As a child, I had always believed that there was only one difference between girls or boys, one of them has cooties, besides that I had always thought of them as equals. As I grew out of that young and venerable age, I slowly started to realize that even in first world countries, women were being oppressed. They weren’t seen as equals, simply because of their gender, not because of experience or knowledge, just because they are women. If it took me that long to find out how sexist, a developed country is how long will it take everyone. It is common knowledge, that life is better, but it is not common knowledge that the discrimination is the same. That was when I had my doubts, will there be any foundations that…show more content…
Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation, basically it means exploiting human beings for one’s gain. This is a human rights violation and an extreme form of abuse, some scary but true facts about Human Trafficking are 78% of Canadians agree that girls under the age of 16 are not in prostitution by choice, 67% of Canadians agree that Canadian girls under the age of 16 are being recruited/trafficked to work in prostitution against their will and 70% of Canadians agree that women are brought into Canada from other countries and forced to work in prostitution against their will. So if this is such a big problem, what is The Canadian Women’s Foundation doing about this. Well firstly they are investing nearly $1 million to fund organizations across Canada that prevent trafficking and help girls and women escape sex trafficking and rebuild their lives from that. The Canadian Women’s Foundation, however is mostly focused on addressing the needs of vulnerable young girls who have been forced into prostitution. Empowering Girls The Canadian Women’s Foundation wants every girl to believe in themselves and know that they matter; they empower girls by investing millions in programs across Canada, which encourage, physical activity, learning and leadership. This has proven to increase the girls’ self-confidence and overall
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