Proper Communication Between Physician And Patients Essay

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According to google, the definition of communication is, “The imparting or exchanging of information or news.” In the medical field, that definition applies as well, but there are various ways of how that applies to physicians and patients. Some may not be aware, but patient and physician communication is an integral part of clinical practice, according to Proper communication between physician and patients enhances skills that others lack on. The way that the information is given and understood plays the biggest roles of communication. For patients, the way the information is given to them helps them become comfortable with the doctor whereas if the information was given to the patient quickly, the patient would become tense and maybe a little stressed out. If the physician is able to transmit the information in order for the patient to understand completely, it can result in the patient following their medication schedules properly and modifying their behavior and health more accordingly. Overall, proper discretion of correct information, can help improve a patient’s health. Physicians develops their relationships with their patients on effective communication, according to Some people fail to realize that communications comes in two different forms, verbal and nonverbal. According to, it is very essential for the physician to listen to patient concerns, provide comfort and healing, and develop a relationship in

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