Prophet Vs Watchman

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In order to fully understand the prophets and their message, it is important to recognize some fundamental facts. The presentation provided a rudimentary definition of a prophet, which goes beyond the normal meaning of foretelling the future. Dr. Yates metaphorically compared the prophet to a “watchman,” which imparted great insight. The watchman was explicitly set in place to stand or watch for any approaching enemies, and to warn of any impeding danger. The comparison and explanation does not remove the foretelling or forthtelling role of the prophet, but augments it by providing a factual interpretation of an inherited responsibility. As a watchman, it was the prophet’s assignment not only to confront the sins of that day, but to warn them of God’s forthcoming judgment. The message of judgment from God was proclaimed with hope that repentance would come in order to avoid the severity of the God’s calamity. The prophets used metaphoric expressions to show the severity of man’s sin or God’s judgment.
In understanding what to look for in Old Testament prophetic literature, the
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The sin did not only affect the people and the city, but involved the entire nation. In Isaiah 1:16-23, the prophet was forthtelling the current situation of God’s faithful and righteous nation. He was showing how the nation had turned away from God falling prey to sinful acts of defrauding, murdering, thievery, neglect of the poor, and rebellion. Isaiah was showing the state of Judah and its citizens moving from being righteous to doing evil from the princes to the merchants. The integrity of selling and buying was affected making exchange value rubbish and the wine diluted. Isaiah 1:23 declares, “Your princes are rebellious and companions of thieves; everyone loves bribes, and follows after rewards.” This clearly shows all levels of corruption and
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