Proposed Development By ' Responsible Property Development '

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1.0 Executive Summary: The proposed development by ‘Responsible Property Development’ is focused on the connection between buildings, urban form and sustainability, with (SRI) socially responsible investment core to the design (Dixon et al, 2006). The development (Phase 1) is situated on the fringe of Manchester on a brownfield, high-density development with green buildings attracting attention within the real estate industry, befitting of the mixed income target market. Core to our development strategy is an awareness of the connection between the social, environmental and financial performance of buildings (Lorenz and Lutzkendorf, 2008; RICS, 2005). In order to de-risk the property portfolio and add value and generate an alpha, …show more content…

65% of the units will have an environmental certification and over 95% of units have an EPC of C or better. • fostering strong relationships through the understanding the needs of residents and thus maximising occupancy rates and enhance performance. • To become an established and profitable estate organization that’s able to take up future investment as outlined in phases 2. • To provide quality environmental housing units for sale and rental during Phase 1 within a two year period. • To develop a solid, sustainable RPD corporate identity in our specified targeted market area. • To establish a good working relationship and begin working as a team, promoting communications and suggestions from all participants and stakeholders. • To realize a positive return on investment within the first 12 months after completion of the construction of the housing units (Phase 2), allowing us to move to Phase 2 as part of the long-term development plan. • To manage the renovation or rehabilitation activities of newly acquired office properties in Phase 2 and proceed to letting them. 1.2 Vision Statement: We believe that well-designed properties which have lower utility bills, better facilities, fewer repairs and efficient maintenance all make for happier occupiers. Happy occupiers in turn stay longer, maintain their properties better, and recommend “their”

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