Pros And Cons Of Airbnb

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Airbnb is a short-term leasing and renting company which turns residential houses into tourist marketplace. Critics believe that this company is running illegal hotels that are against the health and safety regulations. Therefore, in the last year Airbnb was banned in certain areas and cities.
In utilitarianism we must act to bring greatest happiness for everyone affected by our actions. Utilitarian’s view justice as a part of morality and connect the law, economic distribution, and politics with their morality of justice concepts. Whereas nonutilitarian philosophers believe that we have a stronger obligation to respect people’s rights and avoid injuring them than we do to promote their happiness. (Shaw, 2016, p.60 & p.74).
Utilitarian’s often support social welfare because their moral obligation is …show more content…

no one is entitled to a holding except by (repeated) applications of principles 1 and 2. (Shaw, 2016, p.116). Meaning the distribution of goods, money, and property is according to justice only if people acquired their holdings without violating the rights of anyone and becomes the owner of their possessions.
If we see the Airbnb ban according this theory it is also considered injustice because people have the right to rent their own properties and they are not morally violating someone’s right by doing this. No one can take their property away from them so they have freedom to use their property without anyone interference.
Rawls theory of justice is a modern alternative to utilitarianism. He believes that justice must be given on the ground of fairness and moral equality of persons. (Shaw, 2016, p.120). His theory comes under social-contract practice. People in the original position choose the basic principles of their society. They should imagine their selves behind the veil of ignorance means have no information about themselves. He thinks any principle decided under these conditions is considered the principle of justice. (Shaw, 2016,

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