Pros And Cons Of Keeping A Promise Essay

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Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. This is a phrase that is not unfamiliar in our daily lives. A promise is a commitment of one party to another that if a situation occurs, the party will take responsibility to act according to the terms of the promise it has given. An act of making a promise indicates an intention to keep it. basically, it’s a way of knowing the foreseeable future based on something said in the past. One of the simplest example would be a mother promising to buy her child an iPhone if he gets good grades in the upcoming exam. Here the child can clearly foresee himself with an iPhone if he gets good marks. On the related side of keeping a promise, a lot of motivation is involved that prevents the party from breaking that promise. Contrarily situations might occur where it would be more reasonable to break…show more content…
He will get to apply his knowledge and work in a new environment. His work experience will diversify and he will be guaranteed to work in his field. If Sameer works hard and smart, great outcomes will follow. The pros and cons of joining the new company is always there but these are all if and but conditions. BABA is not going to get affected from Sameer not joining them as he will get paid back the full tuition fees and one person leaving the job unless on higher levels of management or board, cannot affect company's performance. Sameer had the chance to open the doors for many people including his friend Patrick to receive their MBA and become more successful, something he had never imagined till he asked to get an MBA through work. However, Sameer has no responsibility on someone else’s career. And with this experience BABA should not stop developing new talent because everyone is not Sameer. I will end here by a famous quote by Zig Ziglar “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping
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