Pros And Cons Of Quantitative Research

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The cons of obtaining a certification or advanced preparation in an area of specialty begin with the length of time to study. The students need to be engaged in 18 to 24 months of full time studies to succeed and potential more if the student is employed during the curriculum. Upon completion, the graduation requirement is a certification of completion which means hours of studying to successfully sit and pass the examination. Prior to studying, the student must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited institution and have at least one-year clinical practical experience in the field of nursing. Another con is the expense at which it takes to complete the degree. Many students already owe a substantial amount in loans and may have difficulty securing additional loans.
The pros and cons of nursing research is largely dependent on the type of research methods used. One type of research is the quantitative research where the goal is to provide a relationship between a dependent and independent variable. One of the pro in this type of research is the fact that numerical data are used eliminating the chance of misrepresentation of the data. Repeated investigation can be carried out using similar situation, methods and a valuable comparison of the results can be duly appreciated. This kind of study allows the use of statistics to better comprehend things about the data and these researchers can easily and quickly analyze them. The results of

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