Pros And Cons Of School Education

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Currently, Zion is enrolled in school full-time at I.C. Norcom High School as a 10th grader. In the last three months, Zion has attended school regularly, but some infractions have been reported. These infractions include out-of-school suspensions and in-school suspensions. Zion's current school performance at school is good, averaging C or better. Historically, Zion’s performance was poor and he failed classes.

Zion's general attitude toward education is positive; he believes there is a definite benefit to his education and believes the school environment is encouraging and supportive. Zion has received ten out-of-school suspensions and has received five in-school suspensions. There are some positives in the school situation; Zion is interested, but not involved in any school activities. Zion reported an interest in basketball and track. There are no staff members at the school Zion feels close to. Zion has no special education status.

Most recently, Zion was attending I. C. Norcom High School for summer school. Zion completely summer school, but had minor behavioral infractions. These infractions included, being rude to teacher and using profanity. Zion's summer school records and traditional school records were requested, but were not received at the time of this report. Zion self-reported he had been suspended from school a few times for noncompliant behaviors and fighting. Zion reported school was important and he needed an education to get a job. Both Zion and his
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