Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Live mice brains, aborted human fetus cells, canine fetus cells, and beef extract are just a few disturbing items one may find in a vaccine ingredient list (“Vaccines ProCon”). These irksome items are accompanied by harmful chemicals such as thimerosal and formaldehyde, both of which, can be toxic towards humans when exposed in copious amounts and can even trigger leukemia and brain cancer; leading an individual to death. Likewise, the ingredient lists alone should be enough to make any pro-vaccine individual or vegan alike, distance themselves from a cold, metal needle.
Once the greatest and safest medical development of the 18th century, vaccines were first used by an English physician known as Edward Jenner, who, in time, would have never known vaccines would become such a huge medical advancement that many retaliate against. Jenner’s innovation changed the lives of many as they were used to eradicate disease over the last two hundred years in America (“Background of the Issue”). In acknowledgment of a new 1878 immunization law passed by president, James Madison, a National Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Reporter responded with, "the dangerous illnesses following the vaccine process are on the whole a greater evil to humanity than small-pox itself" (“Background of the Issue”). At present, the argument presented by the reporter helps to strengthen the idea that vaccines still remain to cause more harm than benefits because even in the 19th century, people were against
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