Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Throughout history, illnesses have plagued mankind. Things as simple as having the measles or as serious as polio could have been a death sentence 100 years ago (“Five Important Reasons” 2017). Vaccines are societies way of fighting back. The world now has and needs to use the capability to vaccinate children when they are young to protect them from these deadly diseases, as well as helping to prevent others that have not been cured.
Saving lives is something that typically has the popular vote, and with vaccines, millions of lives are saved every decade. With the help of vaccines, it is now possible to halt these diseases that have been killing people for millions of years in their tracks. There are a vast number of reasons that vaccines are a positive to society. One of the main reasons would be the significant decrease of disease recorded from the time before vaccines, to the current time. A study conducted by the CDC shows that before vaccines, 21,053 people died of Diphtheria every year; after vaccines, that number was 0. As well as 29,005 people dying of smallpox annually before vaccines; which is now 0 (CDC 2015). These facts can’t be ignored, making it quite clear that as vaccines were introduced and honed to destroy disease, they made an impact that is unable to be ignored. In countries that are not as medically advanced as the US, it is even more vital to push vaccines to the public. The US has built what is called a herd immunity, which is a wall of vaccinated

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