Pros And Cons Of Vaginal Seeding

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Vaginal Seeding Vaginal Seeding is the concept of swabbing a baby, born via cesarean section, with vaginal fluid from the mother to replicate the process of collecting flora while traveling through the birth canal. The reason for this concept is to expose the infant to the mother’s natural interior and exterior bacteria. These bacteria are thought to assist in alleviating certain conditions thought to be more closely associated with children born by way of C-section. While there appears to have been several studies and comparisons done on children born vaginally and children born via C-section, the debate stands whether the pros of the procedure outweigh the cons. There are some doctor’s and parents alike who agree with the concept and think it to be beneficial for the child. However, there are others who use lack of evidence and potential dangers of the technique as a premise of its many criticisms. Vaginal seeding is thought to have several advantages for newborns. Many doctors assume that the benefits are reflected mostly in the “gut” where a large part of the immune system is developed. Dr. Amy Myers states that the benefits of “seeding” include “an increased immune system, decreased risk of food allergies, and even a lower chance of developing obesity and type 1 diabetes.” On her website, she states that she highly recommends vaginal births because of this and recommends “seeding” if a C-section is “unavoidable” (1). “Microbes that are collected during a vaginal

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