Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution, is a topic that is often debated on whether it is good or bad employment. There are over 42 million prostitutes in world and there are 1 million men, women, and children working in the U.S. Prostitution is a underground sex trade where women sell their bodies to men or women who pay them. The sex trade or should I say “prostitution’’is not only wrong but also very dangerous. There are people who think it’s a great way to be employed or see it as another way through life. There are 42 million prostitutes working in the world that have been recorded and 1 million men,women,and children prostitutes working in the U.S.these so called prostitutes work all together in a sex trade meaning they have to have entercourse with…show more content…
There is another big danger that comes along with the job of being a prostitute there is such thing called std's and its a sexual transmitted diseases.. There is some of those diseases that you can treat or prevent but there is some that are just deadly. When having sex or in better lack of terms intercourse with multiple people you can catch and spread the stds and , this also ties into personal hygiene. So as you know now prostitutes have multiple customers which means multiple sex.there is however a way to prevent this but, seems like these prostitutes don't like to use this method. Condoms can prevent those diseases but come to find out 35 to 55 percent of prostitutes engaged in unprotected sex and 10 to 35 never wear condoms also half of them don't even know that they might have stds. Not all prostitutes do this intentionally some just can't afford the condoms.

Now but the other side women believe that they have the right to do what they want with their bodies which is true and should be able to do anything it takes to support their family or themselves. Also have the right to work in what they want to be.As i said before it is very dangerous and defeats the whole purpose.some prostitutes
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