Protect Children From Targeted Advertising

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To keep the economy running well, advertisement is nessacary. In my personal opinion, i think that it should be limited more. There are to many unhealthy people out there and kids who wont leave the house anymore, because what they are promoting on ads does not involve being active and getting exercise. Some advertisements i believe do have good values. In paragraph 2 of the Protect Children from Targeted Advertising response they said," But kids remember the ads extremely well, and they see thousands each year." If you see thousands of ads in a year, on the same thing , wouldn't you want to try or get whatever it could be? Some ads are products, some are food , and many different things. Fast food restauraunt's are the ads i see the most personally, and i believe that if there were limited ads to certain things, and more ads on things to treat kids,adults, or anyone in a positive way, we would still have a great economy, and also have healthier kids or adults. I don't think that ads should be banned, but i do believe they should be limited, so that people can be healthier."America should be a leader in protecting children, but that is not the case."
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