Protecting Animals with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society The Sea Shepherds are group of volunteers who try to protect the sea animals, and capture criminals who kill the animals without permits. Their website has many purposes, one dedicate to collect donations from the reader. Furthermore, they want to protect the ocean wildlife. The website audience includes people who want to protect the ocean, and they want to save the sea animals which will likely be extinct. They offer the audience a chance to donate, volunteer, and stay up to date with ongoing issues involving marine life. This website is outstanding because the sea shepherds host a successful website that effectively reaches out to the audience through appealing to the reader's emotions, logic, and …show more content…

Also on their website the strongest appeals, they give the reader an opportunity to become involved in volunteering in marine life conservation all over the world. They create a poster that denounces the killing of sea animas. They are successfully inviting people to come to their events to be part of this cause. They spread their message not only through their website, media, and other events but also through T-shirt, books, posters, and gift items. Those items carry their philosophies. This also helps them to raise funding. Another way, Sea Shepherds launch campaigning every now and them to increase the awareness of the public of the danger that threaten sea animals. For example, they started am awareness campaigning to inform people that Bluefin tuna at of high risk of fisheries. These campaigns contribute to raising attention of the public to these issues and encourage support for sea animals. John Elliot Roesohke appeals to ethos as he is involved with environmental law. They have evidence they are successful, which can be seen in the number of cases he won in favor of sea animals and in an attempt to stop the destruction of these innocent animals. Roesoke's professionalism as lawyer adds credibility to them and as such many people have come to trust them. Finally, the website appeals to logos effectively by using statistics, and a feature is included noting the possibility of species

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