Protection Of Confidential Information (A & T)

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Misuse of the employer’s computer system, vandalism, or theft of software or proprietary data will result in Employer reporting the activity to the police and may result in criminal sanctions. F. Confidential Information, Inventions, Patents Protection of Confidential Information As a law firm, A&T is entrusted with important confidential information about our clients that we are obligated to hold in confidence. As a competitive business, our most valuable information includes confidential and proprietary information about the Firm’s clients, operations, systems, business plans, work product and strategies. During the course of your employment with A&T, you will have access to, and you will learn of, this information, which is collectively …show more content…

• All employees, not just attorneys, are legally obligated to protect the confidentiality of all information pertaining to client matters. Information about our clients is privileged and confidential under applicable legal principles, and only the client may authorize disclosure of it. Our clients have a right to expect that no information they give to us or that we obtain on their behalf will be disclosed or used for any purpose other than in the client’s best interest on the matter(s) for which the client has engaged us. • You must maintain maximum confidentiality of all information you learn about during your employment at A&T that pertains to client matters. You should be careful not to discuss client business in public or semipublic places where the discussions may be overheard and the confidentiality of the conversation compromised, such as in taxicabs, public transportation, elevators, restaurants, restrooms, reception areas or lobbies. The policy also requires that client information acquired at or through A&T should not be disclosed to friends, family members, or anyone else outside of the …show more content…

All confidential information concerning the Employer and any other business about which Employer’s staff obtain information through employment with Employer must be kept strictly confidential and cannot be discussed or disclosed except to the extent necessary to conduct of Employer’s business. Such information cannot be discussed under circumstances where it could be overheard. Written information must be safeguarded and must not be left where others may see it. The unauthorized disclosure of such information could result in serious injury to Employer. Employees will not disclose or use, during or after their employment, any information not publicly known relating to Employer unless expressly authorized in a writing signed by all equity partners. Confidential Information shall include, but not be limited to: Employer’s administrative procedures and manuals; business and financial plans, operations, projections, results and prospects; computer programs; customer, client, and supplier information or lists; research efforts, trade secrets, and technical information; trademarks under consideration; terms and conditions of the Employer’s contracts and agreements; and any information disclosed to Employer’s staff in confidence by third

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