Providing Mental Health Care Within A Non Medical Institution

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A variety of providers provide mental health care in a range of settings with varying levels of expertise. Providers can be roughly categorized into four sections depending on the care they provide.
- Providers who are highly trained, they are the specialists such as psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychiatric nurses. They have specialized training in mental health and are licensed by the state to provide the care.
- Providers with training in general health care, such as, family practioners, pediatricians and nurse practioners. They are also licensed, and have a training in a broad field than mental health. They provide care, where there is shortage of specialized mental health providers.
-Social service providers, such as school based …show more content…

In rural areas access to mental health care is difficult, they must travel long distances. Because of limited providers in rural areas they cannot get help without getting noticed in the community. The perceived social stigma and need to travel to get the care decreases the chances of such people receiving the care they need. In urban areas, also there is a shortage of mental health providers who are culturally competent and linguistically diverse. Since US has such diverse cultures and languages, to reach to racial and ethnic minorities the providers must be skilled otherwise people may not access the care they have.
The improvements that can be brought in the mental health care sector are:
Primary care providers undergo some basic mental health training since they are the ones accessing patients when there is a shortage of mental health providers.
Mental health care providers must be trained so that they are culturally competent so as to provide sufficiently diversified range of services.
Mental health should be given the same importance as physical health.
Research and data must be collected to determine new mental health requirements to improve present quality of services provided.
There are four different healthcare models used in industrialized nations. They are:
1. The Beveridge Model: Provides healthcare to all citizens and is financed by the government through tax payments. This is also known as socialized medicine.

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