Providing Nursing Care For Cancer Patients

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Providing Nursing Care for Cancer Patients
Nurses help provide assistance for doctors, provide care to alleviate discomfort and promote healing conditions of patients, as well as fulfill administrative duties to enhance the efficiency and quality of medical facilities. However, providing care for patients who are suffering from cancer can be a difficult and complex challenge. Many nursing professionals and medical scholars have elaborated on the methods by which nurses should treat cancer patients. Nurses must be aware of the diagnostic and staging processes that accompany cancer conditions, the complications and side effects that can arise from the condition and treatments, and the most effective strategies that can maximize the physical and psychological comfort of the patients. Doctors utilize certain procedures to accurately diagnose and stage cancer conditions. The doctors often perform lab tests to evaluate the blood and urine of the patients, detect abnormal levels of substances, and determine whether a potential cancer condition has developed. Doctors can also implement various imaging tests to verify the accuracy of a cancer diagnosis. Many different imaging tests can connect an x-ray machine to a computer and display detailed images of the internal organs of the patient, including CT scans, ultrasound devices, nuclear scans, MRI tests and PET scans. While the imaging scans are beneficial, biopsies are also typically required to conduct a reliable diagnosis of

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