Ps4 Vs Xbox

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The console wars is one that doesn't seem to have an end in sight. At some moments it can appear that one company has the upper hand on another or one company is just performing better than another. It used to be that Microsoft's Xbox 360 had the upper hand on Sony's PlayStation 3 in terms of sales and overall popularity but then came the 8th generation of consoles which ushered in a new era of gaming with the introduction of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. These consoles were both impressive machines that had a large catalog of games at their disposal. That is something that I think is the important factor when comparing the two consoles, games, at the end of the very day we play games on these machines to actually PLAY games so I think that the best way to get a clear…show more content…
But this isn't a review of The Last Of Us so get out from under the rock you've been and go experience it yourself. Between Uncharted for the Action/Adventure gamer, Gran Turismo or the not so great Driveclub for the gamer who enjoys the occasional racer to Horizon Zero Dawn for the Open World Role Playing type, PlayStation has the most diverse and consistent library of games. Whereas Microsoft's line of Xbox consoles have games mind you but none that have the same abilities as PlayStation to attract an audience into buying their consoles by having a great list of games to play. Which in turn will make the purchase worth it. The best way to describe what the benefit of each console is compared to one another to someone who maybe isn't very informed on these consoles would be to explain to them what the machines are made to do. Looking at how they are advertised to the public and the features both machines have, the best way to put it would be that the Xbox One is much more of an all in one machines, so media player, TV box and game system, whereas the PlayStation 4 is much more of a dedicated video game
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