Psychodynamic Perspective Of Motivation Essay

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The Psychodynamic perspective of motivation would argue that humans are motivated by unconscious drives that build tension states until satisfied (Burton et al, 2015). People have influential conscious motives (wishes), and powerful unconscious motives (fears) that direct motivation (Burton et al.). Once a wish (refer to glossary for definition) is achieved it may be temporally deactivated or appear as less intense (Burton et al.). A fear is a sign of a undesired condition that is associated with unpleasant feelings (Burton et al.). Arousal is the indication in theories of motivation and emotion, serving as the driving force or energy in the wake of a particular motivation or behaviour (PSY 2020, 2016b). “Sigmund Freud Viennese Physician developed a theory of mental life and behaviour”, the Psychodynamic perspective.” (Burton et al.). This perspective believes that “consciousness is like the tip of an iceberg; the mind is like a battleground for warring factions” (Burton et al.). …show more content…

Young people have about sleep is misinterpreted (Burton et al.), to what real sleep patterns look like. e.g. the expectation; only good sleep, is in deep sleep. Creating an idealistic expectancy - value, and will decrease the ability to attain sleep, therefore sleep deprivation will occur. Arousal reduces as the capability to make the desired outcome is not being established. The goal – desire outcome would suggest that setting the alarm too early will create less sleep. Intrinsic motivation will be the lost interest in sleep as it is no longer enjoyable and interesting and the implicit motives would be not yawing when sleepy. A sleep deprivation study will consist of the research method; experimentation, independent variable; a variety of participants, dependent variable; non – motivated sleep behaviour. Hypotheses; do participants expectations about sleep interfere with the natural sleep

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