Psychological Analysis : Mental Disorder Essay

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Psychological Analysis Given the information provided through the summary of facts provided by the court reporter and comparing the facts and possible symptoms of Mr. Wertz to those stated within the most recent edition of the Diagnostic Statistic Manual (DSM), the conclusion that I have reached is that Mr. Wertz does indeed suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. With the description of symptoms provided, it would appear that Mr. Wertz is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result from his past deployment to Iraq in the Army. Several of the symptoms that have been listed within the summary of facts are representative of the diagnostic criteria for the trauma-stressor disorder of PTSD as listed within the DSM-5. The key feature and criteria of the disorder of PTSD is that the individual must be reacting to a trauma that they themselves came into direct contact with in the past. This sort of exposure can come in a variety of forms, though the more commons ones involve either the threat of or actually experiencing a serious injury, sexual violence, and in some cases, even death – as long as the individual had directly observed, or as is more common, directly experienced the event themselves. For Mr. Wertz, his exposure to trauma occurred through multiple incidents while he was stationed in Iraq; including his witness of an enemy combatant gruesomely killing a fellow soldier, and daily mortar attacks his unit was caught in while trying to find enemy
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