Psychological And Psychological Events Surrounding The Theories Of Twins

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Twins are sought to be an interesting set of individuals and many questions can surround the theories of twins and their IQ, mental states, and the psychological tolls it may have on them and their families. Many parents can barely handle a singleton and would find twins birth a more challenging surprise. Some people believe that the IQ and mental state of the twins could come from their birth rate which at many times is low or the family dynamic for which the twins are raised. Many twins depend on each other in order to learn and develop which could have some advantages and disadvantages among their growth. Singleton children may have older or younger siblings or surround themselves with a group of different types of age groups and grow from there, but twins are at times more of a loner and like to stay among each other which have been my experience with my twins. Identical twins as oppose to fraternal also has an effect of the psychological and IQ of each of them. Fraternal twins are more like singletons for the most part because they do not share a egg where as the identical twins( which is have) develop differently and have a closer bond because they share the same egg and were actually a single egg that was split into two eggs.

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