Psychological Disorders And Therapy Methods

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Psychological Disorders and Therapies Different types of psychological disorders and therapy methods will be discussed in this essay. Psychological disorders are categorized and defined in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM). The most recent edition of the DSM is the DSM-V published in May, 2013. (1) The methods of therapy utilized for the treatment of psychological disorders are dependent on the training of the therapist and the most appropriate method of treatment for a psychological disorder. The term psychological disorders are often called mental disorders. These disorders are patterns of psychological or behavior symptoms. Multiple areas of life are affected by the disorders and distress is felt by people who are experiencing these symptoms. (3) Anxiety disorders are one of the disorders listed in the DSM-V. Anxiety disorders are usually characterized by abnormal and excessive fear, anxiety and worry. Anxiety is an anticipation of a future threat that may, or may not, appear. Fear is an emotional response to a threat that often times may be perceived and not real. One survey reported that about eighteen percent of adults in America suffer from an anxiety disorder. There are seven categories of anxiety disorders. Types of anxiety disorders include: • Generalized anxiety disorder • Social anxiety disorder • Specific Phobias • Panic disorder • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Separation anxiety disorder Dissociative disorders
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