Psychological Preparation Of The Athlete

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According to Manescu (2013), psychological preparation of sportsmen is a set of training and education strategies which aim to increase mental capacity and develop sportsmen’s personality, requirement of specific sport and high result in training. The importance of psychological preparation means that it is the total training of an athlete. With complete development not just the athlete but also the team. The full potential of a sportsmen can’t be attain without the full personality of the sportsmen. Based on this article, there are different objectives of psychological preparation. In football, it requires readiness not only physically but as well as mentally. Whenever the athlete is mentally prepared, the athlete can improve one’s…show more content…
Manescu provided three (3) psychological preparation in football game namely: knowledge, sensitiveness and will. Knowledge refers as the object reality that is being met in the game. In a football game, pitch serves as the knowledge. The pitch has its various lines, spaces and gates that helps various technical and tactical acts and actions connected to it. While the players regardless of its opponent or not, they are the ones to perform the tactical and technical procedures. Sensitiveness is the role of the coach. It can affect a player most especially when the is excessive tension that appears before the game. One of the problem of a player is being depress caused by reasons aside from sport. The motivational strategy of the coach will be tested in this kind of situation. He needs to talk to his player rather than to shout them. It is how the coach handle his players and how he motivate each and every one. Will is a mental quality that consciously determines someone’s actions in order to reach a certain goal. In football, a goal isreached by getting over multiple difficulties that might appear either from outside like the audience and time or from inside which are fatigue and nervousness. Aside from football, combat sports also requires psychological preparation. Some combat sports are judo, boxing, facing and so on. It’s hard to attack your opponent to while hiding extreme tension. Not only physical but
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