Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of Human Brain And Its Characteristics

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Psychology is the scientific study of human brain and its characteristics, especially the functions that drives our behaviour (Colman, 1999). It is a type of study which emerged in the nineteenth century and struggled in the first period to find the appropriate issues of a human to study. To be more precise, firstly, the study was focused with determining the unconscious behaviour of human which later transformed into analysing the behaviour of humans and animals due to the influence of the environment. Later on, from 1950s onwards, the perspectives of psychology is determined in three aspects, that are, humanistic, cognitive and biological (Colman, 1999). The first one deals with the sole features of the experience of humans as they are free to think and choose their activity in their own way which are fundamentally different from animals. The cognitive approach thinks with the thoughts and mental processes of humans- how they acquire, store and receive information from the outside world. The last one is about the biological setting of humans and animals, which means to perceive physical functions of the thoughts and processes portrayed through various bodily structures and biochemical processes. From the above introduction, it is clear that psychology offers a vast area of study presently, however, this question specifically asks about the mental progression of humans- that is the sensation and perception which drives them to behave in several ways. Therefore, the answer

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