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As American computer scientist, Emerson Pugh, once said, “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t”. Over the course of sixteen weeks we, the fall of 2017-2018 Psychology 101 class, were able to look in depth into some topics, and only begin to skim the surface on others. Although I may have reached the end of the semester college course, I have not reached the end in wanting to learn more about the topics we were able to explore during this short time. From the phases of classical conditioning, to the hundreds of types of therapies used to treat psychological disorders, the amount of beneficial information you can learn about humans is limitless. In my case, I found the material on Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, the parts of the brain, and the personality tests the most intriguing and the most advantageous in helping me as I progress through life. To completely understand the brain is simply phenomenal, and a feat that no one has truly accomplished, but to be aware of some of the reasoning for why our brains react the way they do can be just as useful. Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development gives a look into what is going on in the minds of our youth. As someone who wants to have children, I found the information over Piaget to be the most helpful out of everything we learned during the course of the fall semester. On average, parents spend roughly 2.07 hours a day caring for children under six

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