Reflection Paper On Psychology And Psychology

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Reflection Paper #2 In this second unit of Psychology, it was fascinating to focus in on how we as humans learn behaviors, and what can cause us to each function differently in similar situations. Many scientists from the early 20th century have contributed to what we know today about the brain and how it responds to sensations, perceptions, hearing, and conditioning. Some concepts that were most applicable to my everyday life and that I enjoyed learning about were the sensory systems, associated learning, and what Pavlov did for the field of Psychology. What struck me about the sensory systems was all the different things that went into it. There are so many different moving parts: stimuli, absolute and difference threshold, and transduction. I find this particularly interesting because different people, even though they are experiencing the “same” situation, have stimuli that respond differently. I have always had a high tolerance for spicy foods, and while some of my family members pour gallons upon gallons of milk down their throat, I’m asking for a second serving. This is due to different people having more active tastebuds that are more sensitive to heat than my own, therefore sending more stimuli to the brain. It is also interesting that some people have stronger receptors in the olfactory bulb than others, called “hyperosmia.” Both of my parents have this, and I know understand why they can not handle hardly any air freshener, perfume, or cologne. Even if we happen

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