Psychology : The Influential Bunch

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Justine Taylor Trident University International PSY101 – Introduction to Psychology Module 1- Case Assignment October 18th, 2015 Dr. Wajama, Aslami The Influential Bunch Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the behavior and mental process of individuals. In psychology there are many different perspectives that are employed. In this paper, this student will identify a few influential psychologists that paved the road for modern psychology. John B. Watson was a pioneering figure in the development of the psychological school of behaviorism. Watson was one of the early American psychologists to break Freudian notions that our unconscious mind was behind most of our behavior (Watson E. 1999). Behaviorism according to Watson was the science of observable behavior. Only behavior that could be observed, recorded and measured was of any real value for the study of humans or animals (Watson E 1999). Watson is best known for taking his theory of behaviorism and applying it to child development. Watson is famous for saying that he could take a dozen healthy infants and train any one of them to become any type of specialist he might select (Watson E. 1999). He believed that you can expose the child to certain environmental forces and overtime conditioned that child to become whatever type of person you want. Erik Erikson is known for developing the eight psychological stages of human development. Erikson assumes that a crisis occurs at each stage of development.
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