Psychology Theology And Spirituality In Christian Counseling Summary

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Summary Opinion counts, different psychologists have the different scope on viewing certain scenarios in life. In the book Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, Mark McMinn (1996) draws a different conclusion in the field of counseling for the help of religion. It is obvious that religion plays a significant role in a human being's life and including it in different therapy sessions. Religion ties an individual to believe, principals and also commitment, and through it there is a chance of healing for various individuals. The combination of the science study of therapy and religion is a remarkable cure for various psychological problems. It also helps in the treatment of both the counselor and the patient. The primary ideology …show more content…

It explains why individuals regain their health and spiritual self after repenting. But the author condemns the Roman Catholic public repentance. Finally, redemption is the primary factor in both Christian and psychological healing. Redemption is the final and most crucial moment of a counselor and the patient, and it marks a new beginning for both parties. Concrete Response While, in the church, I overheard two parties talk about therapy and religion and being a therapist I turned my attention to their conversation.

The parties were talking about their different experience in the Christianity and Psychological treatment. Counselors should pay close attention to the environment and also their patients but in this case I was the disguised as the student learning more about psychology. One man proudly defends the Bible and calls it the Ultimate answer to all problems and sin. He further goes on to brag that his Lord has been his leader, guide in terms of understanding his mistakes and failures. The other opposes proudly mentioning his therapist's name and terming him as a miracle

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