Psychology : Theories Of Personality

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Phillip Easley
Psychology 4130: Theories of Personality
October 15, 2015
Arthur D. Kemp, Ph.D., M.S.
Associate Professor of Psychology Science

Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis was a known as a 20th century psychologist who developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. “Ellis was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the 1913” (“Albert Ellis (1913-2007),” 2015). He was also known to have a distant relationship with parents. Ellis attended the City College of Downtown New York obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business (Cherry, 2015a). Ellis earned both his M.A. degree and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Columbia University. He was the oldest of three therefore found himself in a position of taking care of his younger siblings …show more content…

Ellis was also known as one of the founding individuals of the American sexual revolution and atheism. Earlier in his career he was also known as a sexologist. One of his most famous publications was “Sex Without Guilt”. His books led to many heated debates between religious therapist and peers (“Albert Ellis (1913-2007),” 2015). During this time Ellis stated his own personal beliefs about homosexuality. He “emphasized his that it was neither good nor bad and that homosexual feelings and behaviors are resistant to change, even through therapy” (“Albert Ellis (1913-2007),” 2015).
The ABC Model
One thing that Ellis is known for is the development of the ABC model. He suggested that individuals may blame external events for their particular unhappiness. Cherry (2015b) states that Ellis argued that it is ones interpretations of these events that truly lies at the heart of our psychological distress. In the ABC model the each letter has its own abbreviation. “A” was label as activating events; “B” was labeled as beliefs; and “C” was labeled as consequences. Activating events are said to be somethings that happens in the particular environment around an individual (Cherry, 2015b). Beliefs was something you hold a belief about such as a certain event or situation. While consequence were when one has an emotional response to your belief. Ellis’s ABC method has been very beneficial in today’s

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