Psychotherapy Eating Disorder

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"Food disorders" (eating disorders) are mental health disorders in which a person's relationship to food, motor activity, physical imagery or other ideas about the negative impact on him Health. Symptoms of eating disorders include, for example, dangerously small or, conversely, excessive use, vomiting or obsessive physical activity.
The most common eating disorders are neurotic anorexia (usually it's just anorexia), bulimia and gluttony (compulsive overeating). Food disorders can also combine the symptoms of all listed. Food disorder is usually a combination of these disorders, for example, anorexia is relatively rare in this way, as it is described in diagnostic criteria.
Common to all food disorders are self-loathing, anxiety and depression, …show more content…

In the case of anorexia, it is important at the initial stage to bring the patient's weight to a safe level and normalize the diet. With gluttony, they try to balance the imbalance between eating and losing weight.
Among the various therapeutic tools include dietary counseling and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps the patient understand the causes of the situation and the appearance of the disease. Psychotherapy can be individual or group and include, if necessary, hospitalization.
A patient with anorexia at a normal weight considers himself fat and wants to lose weight. He can not and does not want to stop weight loss, and his weight in relation to the decline is reduced to dangerous limits. Low weight is maintained by malnutrition or excessive movement. Diagnostic criteria for anorexia are, among others, a strong fear of weight gain, weight loss below 85% of the norm, a persistent refusal to increase weight and stop menstruation in women.
People with anorexia often have compulsive (obtrusive) ways of organizing nutrition and physical activity. They can, for example, eat only food and strictly avoid others, and exercise too much. Sometimes the disease with depression precedes the development of anorexia. Along with anorexia, depression can also

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