Public Administration And The Public Sector

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Old Public Administration was created to answer the questions to many unanswered problems. President Woodrow Wilson said it was “harder to run a constitution than to frame it” because of the difficult administrative tasks had to deal with. Sure enough, he was not the only person who felt that way. President Wilson believed that in order to run an effective government, ideas from the private sector should be incorporated into the public sector. He even went as far as to give input on how the government would be able to implement ideas from the private sector to the public sector. And that is to limit what hierarchical organization can do. Wilson believed that those in power would not have control of creating the policy, but they will have a handle on how the policy is implemented. Two themes stood out around the topic of Public Administration “ the distinction between policy and administration, and the accountability of elected individuals who are a part of an organization. The second theme was around the use of structures and strategies to ensure that management work efficiency.

Many had much to say when it came Wilson’s statement that “ Policy and Administration” should be separate entities. A few people argued that policy and administration could not be separated because policy and administration depend on one another to work effectively. Frederick Taylor, a theorist believed that in order to enforce efficiency within an organization, a scientific management…
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