Public Education In The Film 'Waiting For Superman'

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There is an evident issue with the public schooling system in America today. Throughout the entire country, kids are the victims of schools that fail to gift them with the knowledge that they need to excel past high school. In lower-class areas of the country, students are destined to become dropouts because their education simply does not provide them a way out. In the film, Waiting for Superman, director Davis Guggenheim claims that schools are failing to meet beneficial education standards for all students. Due to their demographic, children in lower-class areas of the country do not have access to the same educational opportunities that wealthier families receive. Throughout the film, Guggenheim’s use of music and pacing creates a powerful feeling of sympathy in the audience towards the children that are not privileged to a better education because of their economic status. By utilizing these devices, the film ultimately hopes to build on the audience’s sympathy in order to possibly ignite a change for the public education system in the United States. There are a variety of ways in which music is used throughout this film, but the use of sad music and silence are the two most important in terms of building a strong emotional appeal. By implementing these styles of music, the film illustrates the emotional frustration within lower class students and parents who are simply looking to find a beneficial education for their children. Melancholy music serves as an

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