Public Entertainment : Amusement Parks

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375 million; the number of approximately how many people, from all over the world, flock to amusement parks in the United States every year (IAAPA). Why do so many people go? What makes amusement parks so popular and desirable? The first glimpse of a modern amusement park was created in England during the year of 1133 and was called the Bartholomew Fair. Over time the idea of large places of public entertainment has evolved into the 2,100 immensely popular parks in the world today, 400 which being in the U.S. (IAAPA). These fairs, parks, and carnivals have turned into an international phenomenon, drawing in millions of attenders, and the cause of countless children’s’ begging tears and cries of excitement. They have become a childhood staple, one that many adults and senior citizens admire and repeatedly come back to relive and show to their own children. But why? Why do they have such an impact on society? Amusement parks are a way to escape the troubles of reality by allowing people to enter a child-like state of utter joy.
Amusement Parks have been around since medieval times, but why? What separates them from other forms of entertainment? From their roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and the teacup spin, every part of the parks bring an immense rush adrenaline, excitement, and adventure. Those are things that you cannot obtain from spending an hour or two at the movies or bowling or even at arcades. Before even entering an amusement park, such as Disneyland, a wave of awe

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