Public Literacy : The Role And Roles Of Public Government

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Why?: I chose this particular literacy because I thought it fit perfectly with the lesson objective. As citizens it is important that we are well informed of each of our branches of government and how they work, but also the role of each public official. It is important that students become aware of this so that they may be more informed when voting in the future.

I can identify current public officials by Writing a postcard to the official of my choosing.
A public official is a person holding a position to which they have been legally elected or appointed and who performs governmental functions. A mayor, justice of the peace, and chief of police are types of public officials.
A mayor is the elected leader of a community. Roles of the mayor include: the city’s chief executive, directs city departments, positive role model, and community leader. Each city elects its own mayor.
A governor is the elected leader of a state. Roles of the governor include: being the state’s chief executive, responsible for the well­ being of the state, leader of the state militia, recommends legislation, appoints, and/or removes certain state officials.
The president is the elected leader of our nation. Roles of the president include, but are not limited to, the following: the country’s chief executive, commander in chief of the armed forces, appoints and/or removes important government officials, can veto laws, and/or recommends legislation.

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