Public Opinion On The United States ' Constitution

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As discussed in Chapter 10, public opinion is vital to the progress of any democracy. Noted by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, “a just government must get its power fro, the consent of the governed.” This quote highlights the reality that without understanding the publics opinion, a democratic government will fail. This same theme is echoed in the beginning of America’s constitution. Starting with the phrase “we the people,” the importance of the opinions of the common man is made a priority. In this Chapter 10 summary, I will discuss both the importance and of public opinion and analyze whether public opinion is skewed based on certain factors. To properly understand public opinion, it is important to know how…show more content…
A vast amount of public opinion polling takes place during election cycles. These polls are studied by evaluating a sample of a population. Pollsters aim to study random sample of the population to gain a true understand of the public opinion. Unfortunately, pollsters often run into what is known as a sample bias. This is when a sample does not represent the public true opinion. Instead in sample bias only a fragment of the opinions is present. Though polls are subject to error, they do have the ability to echo the sentiments of the population. I believe this is both most effective and prevalent in exit polls. The important of exit polls as highlighted in the article “Exit polls and voter turnout” by Asger Lau Anderson and Thomas Jensen. In the article the authors suggest that exit polls drive voters to get involved. They state that “In relation to the debate on the implications of exit polls, the most important insight from our analysis is the following. It may well happen that the incentive to vote increases after the revelation of an exit poll.” By suggesting this, the authors relay the idea that exit polls are the way to truly gain an understanding of the public opinion. Within any society, there are opinion leaders have the power to determine much of any public opinion. This is very prevalent in the American government because it is used as a tool to influence the population. The usage of this can be
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