Public Perception Of Health Care

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PUBLIC PERCEPTION Health Care Policy Personal VIBES and opinion about the policy: Personally, I support the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which allows all citizens to have access to health care. The Affordable Care Act allows citizens to have control over their health care and choose the health insurance that is best for them. This act forces health care providers to stop excluding citizens due to pre-existing health conditions, and offers medical care that will hopefully prevent illnesses. Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act “holds insurance companies accountable and companies have to justify any premium that increases to 10% or more before the rate goes into effect” (“Key Features of the Affordable Care Act”, 2012). The act also gives citizens an extensive amount of choices to choose from so that they can have high quality and affordable health insurance. I believe that every citizen in America should have access to affordable health insurance. No citizen should be excluded from receiving health care especially those who have dangerous occupations, have pre-existing health conditions, and those who are elderly. Health insurance providers should not be allowed to take advantage of those who work hard in order to pay their insurance premiums. Insurance companies should make medicine affordable for all citizens who aren’t wealthy. If health insurance companies fail to make premiums inexpensive they should be penalized on a consistent basis until they cooperate with the new
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