Public Schools Vs. Private Schools

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After having children many parents question which school system is better suited for their kids and which aspect is more important, convenience or quality education? Some people believe the public schools provide the same education but at a lower cost. Tooley, Dixon, and Gomathi state “many assume that private education is concerned only with serving the privileged, so is irrelevant to concerns about extending access to the poor.” Although there are some private schools that are expensive, most are affordable for lower income families. However, others feel that private schools encourage a more advanced education because there are less students and smaller classrooms. I attended a private sector for five years in McAlester, Oklahoma, during…show more content…
Private schools, unlike public schools, do not receive tax revenues. Therefore, they are not required to follow the same regulations and bureaucratic processes that govern state-funded schools, which sometimes hinder the public system. According to Great Schools, “this allows many private schools to be highly specialized, offering differentiated learning, advanced curriculum, or programs geared toward specific religious beliefs.” While I was at Lakewood the classroom size ranged from twenty-four to thirty students for each grade and the smaller rooms allowed more one-on-one time with the teacher. The students were encouraged to reach out to the teacher when there was confusion over a topic discussed in class. Also if the student was not progressing or making an initiative to study, the teacher would contact the parent/parents to create a plan that would help the learner. During my elementary years, the private school also taught about manners, respect and Christian values. So when I moved to a different town, I was forced to go to a public school in Ada. I learned very soon that the two school systems have extremely different methods of teaching. The teachers were sometimes less willing to help the student succeed and most did not communicate well with my parents when I was having difficulty adjusting to a new school. Another problem I noticed was the teachers did not try
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