Public vs Private Education in Australia Essay

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Public vs Private Education in Australia Every one in Australia wants the best education for the individual. The question is which one. Public or Private ? Education is one of the most important factors in determining what a person will become as a member of Australia's society. Because education is so important there are many questions that are asked for which is the better.

The key terms for this topic are: Government School: one administered by the Department of Education in each State/Territory Non-government School: (private school) any school not administered by the Department of Eduaction, but including special schools administered by government authorities other than the State/Territory Education Department School: …show more content…

One reason could be funding given to public and private schools.

Australia is ranked 19th of 26 OECD countries in terms of expenditure on education. Australia is also ranked 55th in the UN league table of spending on education. The amount of funding a public school receives can also effect the amount of students attending that school. " The Commonwealth's State grants report and budget estimates papers reveal that the proportion of federal government funding going to public schools in 1996 was 41.5%. It is estimated that by 2004, federal funding to public schools will be slashed to 34.1% (or $2 billion a year) " (Kemp's bill rips off public education.

Why has there been such a slash in funding to public schools in Australia ? The reason is because the Australian government is siphoning it into the private sector.

Between 1975 and 1995 Australian non-government school spending had increased by 171%, while government school spending only increased by 49% (ABS 1996). Government funding for private schools is unique as it is the highest in the world. In 1996 the proportion of federal government funding going to private schools was 58.5%, and it is estimated that by 2004 it will be 65.9% (or $3.9 billion)

In the new federal funding plan, there will be a total funding of $22 billion. Public schools will be receiving $7.7 billion

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