Purpose And Method Of This Report

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TELEWORK Nicholas M. Curry
University Maryland University College

Executive Summary
Purpose and Method of this Report
Providing possibilities for the everyday workforce to accomplish in the best way possible is a necessity today. With the great strides in the Information Technology environment work is not limited by the building your offices reside. Work is what you do, not where you do it. The use of telework should be incorporated into this business to better address the corporate needs of the company. Telework will be beneficial in productivity locally and worldly. - Employees will better be able to manage their work and home lives - Implementation will reduce cost incurred by the company - As well as …show more content…

The basics of telecommuting 5
a. Definitions of telecommuting 5
b. Variations of telecommuting 6

III. Aspects that influence the implementation and utilization of telecommuting 7
a. Positive influences 7
b. Negative influences 9

IV. Is telecommuting right for your business 10
a. Benefits 10
b. Disadvantages

V. Conclusion 11

Telecommuting first increased notoriety around the late 20th century with the introduction of home computers and sophisticated telecommunications technologies. Detailed research on the arrays and practices of telecommuting first showed evidence around the 1970’s when Jack Nilles came up with the terms “telecommuting” and “teleworking” and engaged the first telework demo experiment with partial backing from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Around the 1980’s carried the beginning of experimental telework programs in the United States and near the 1990’s a lot of states, local government agencies, and private sector businesses had applied telework programs. Around 1990s the federal government presented a national telecommuting initiative with the goal of swelling both the number of federal teleworkers as well as the number of teleworkers in other sectors.
For the federal and state governments, the primary drivers of the telework movement were environmental considerations, minimizing traffic congestion, and compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1990.

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