Purpose Of The Lab A Chemistry Lab

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Kennedi Wilson CHE 1121-010 TA Grace Samenuk 28 August 2015 Purpose of the Lab: Gathering a viable understanding of the basic practices that substantial in conducting experiments in a chemistry lab is critical. In such, the purpose of this lab is to exhibit such foundations through evaluation various ways of measurement as well learning to distinguish between properties and doing so via equipment provided in the lab. The types of measurement that will be highlighted include mass, volume and density; mass as being referred to as a definite amount of matter typically revealed in the form of grams (g), volume being defined as a specific amount of space taken up by a form shown in the form of milliliters (mL), liters (L), centimeters cubed (cm3) or many others, and density being defined as a ratio of mass over volume. Observing how these measurements change depending on the substance or object is extremely beneficial. Such ways of measurement further aid in differentiating chemical and physical properties. Chemical and physical properties are what define and categorize substances. Chemical properties depict the manner in which substances behave in reactions and include the formation of a new substance, or a change in the identity of a substance. For example, oxidation or explosions are chemical changes, but in real life so is something as simple as yogurt spoiling. Physical properties do not demonstrate compositional changes or identity changes of a
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