Purpose Of The Plan:. The Purpose Of This Plan Is To Provide

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The purpose of this plan is to provide a robust comprehensive emergency management structure utilizing provisions of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to provide for an all-hazards approach. In addition, this plan will apply all the elements of emergency management process (mitigation, prevention, response, and recovery) to combat natural, technological, and/or terrorist incidents. Moreover, this plan provides the necessary information for any governmental, non-governmental, private sector, or community resource within or adjacent to the city of Goshen to know what must be completed and who must complete it as it pertains to the emergency management process. The overall goals of this plan are:
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route 42, encompasses a total of 124 acres, and has approximately 924 residents (City of Goshen, 2003).
Only one major highway crosses the city of Goshen, U.S. route 42 intersect the city which provides for both passenger and commercial vehicles.
The city of Goshen has one volunteer fire department (North Oldham Fire Department). The fire department is located at 1660 Hwy 1793 (Harmony Landing Road).
Mutual Aid agreements – The North Oldham Fire department works within tandem with Skylight Fire Department who work through Oldham County Dispatch. Additional agreements are with: Louisville-Metro Police Department, Louisville Fire Department, Oldham County Police Department, Oldham County Health Department.
Law Enforcement is provided through Oldham County Police Department. The Police department is located within Buckner, KY on U.S. Highway 393. Dispatcher services for the county are handled through the same office.
The city of Goshen road maintenance is also

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