Putting the Needs of Others First with Greenleaf

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Research Topic Servant leadership is a leadership method that was put forth by Greenleaf (1977) that emphasized putting the needs of others first, the needs of the organization second, and lastly the needs of the leader. Because servant leadership places the individual (employee, customer, vendor, other) first, research has shown that this can bond them more closely to the leader and organization. With greater connections to the leader and organization, organizational performance can be enhanced. (Schneider, 1994). Jones (2012) explores the question regarding if the use of servant leadership can result in greater attention to customers and improved employee satisfaction.
Problem or Management Dilemma Jones (2012) reviews the research and determined that the current literature has not established why a company would choose to invest in the resources necessary to maintain the servant leadership model. The goal of organizations is to enhance their market position by providing greater goods and services to their customers in such a way that they are distinguished as a better value than their competitors. Servant leadership's emphasis on placing the individual or customer first would seem to enhance the organization's market position.
Purpose for the Research The aspects of business success that Jones (2012) chooses to study are that of customer retention and employee satisfaction. Being able to minimize the loss of customers correlates to improved financial
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