Puzzle Of Motivation

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In this video, Dan Pink addressed “The puzzle of motivation.” Daniel H. Pink is a leading business thinker and the author of five books written about work, management, and behavioral science. He was also a host of the TV program named National Geographic Channel. He grew up in the small rural town of Bexley, Ohio. He graduated from Bexley High school in 1982, and attended Northwestern University. Pink got his Bachelor of Arts degree in there. In 1991, he also obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Yale Las School, but his grades were not good. After graduation, he decided not to practice law, and served as several positions in politics and economic policy. From 1995 to 1997, he was chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore, but in 1997, …show more content…

Pink also has been acclaimed by many people and organizations. In 2009, his presentation on The Puzzle of Motivation has been selected as one of the 10 most-watched videos of all time. In 2013, one of the Pink’s books won the American Marketing Association’s Berry Book Prize. Also, in 2015, Dan Pink was nominated as one of the 10 most-influential management thinkers in the world. In his presentation, he focused on intrinsic motivation which is essential for people living in the twenty-first century. He said that extrinsic motivation cannot affect the results anymore. He supported his idea with the candle experiment. After his talk, I was impressed by his idea. It was perfectly same as what I have thought from the past. These days, many people are living under stress. Some workers do not know why they have to do their work, and some students do not know what they have to do in the

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