Pyramid Discipleship Essay

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Pyramid Discipleship – Discipleship in a mega church
One of the hardest things to do when you are in a mega church is creating a community of genuine discipleship and not just a “Sunday Church”. It can seem like a giant task to take on when looked at head first because creating personal relationships with a thousand or more people is a lot of relationships, but there are ways to do it, and following the mold of pyramid discipleship can be very effective.
So what is it?
Pyramid discipleship is a system set up in a way to where one person will only take on 5 to 10 (at the very most) people at a time to disciple. And as they continue in their discipling there will be others above them to disciple them as they go. When you actually look at this inside of the church it becomes clearer and easier to understand. At the top of the pyramid would be the senior pastor, a maybe some of the elders or other staff members. Moving down the pyramid would be the staff that would oversee the discipleship program. Weather this be one or two people, this is where the discipleship starts. These leaders will be discipled by the elders or senior pastor, this is including not only questions about the program but also walking with them through their spiritual life, and life in …show more content…

With what kind of hearts? Part of what we are giving to our leaders is the ongoing discipleship they will have. This is the same thing our leaders are giving to their disciples. Along with that we will hold different fellowship nights to give our leaders a night of rest and fun as they can come and eat and talk to the other leaders. This will also be available for the leaders to hold for their own groups. We want true, genuine, Christ-like hearts of love for this to be done at all. If it does not stem from love, then it is nothing we want to promote. From the beginning we will push the idea of having a loving heart and always leading from that same

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