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Qualitative Research Purpose: To collect information from past and present Laker employees about their attitude towards work, how comfortable they feel (felt) at work, and their confidence in their boss’s ability to make changes and or difficult decisions. After collecting the data, we will compare the data collected from employees who serve under Jerry Buss to those who have served under Jim Buss. The main objective for this research is to see if a negative tangible difference in the overall work environment had been experience by and or inflicted upon Laker employees due to the changes that Jim Buss has made to the organization’s organizational structure. Data Collection Procedures: The data collection method that will be used most prominently in our research is questionnaires. These questionnaires will be distributed to 200 past and present Laker employees with half being sent to past Laker employees and the other half being sent to those who have been employed by the Lakers within the past 3 years. The questionnaire will ask respondents to describe their tenure with the organization, their attitude toward the person who served as the Laker’s owner during their tenure, and their trust in that owner’s ability to make changes that set the franchise up for future success. …show more content…

The content analysis will come in the form of a cross-sectional design. A cross-sectional content analysis design is need for our research since it compares the feelings at different non-consecutive points in time. (Slack 28) The data will then be coded as part of the content analysis. (Slack 28) More specifically we will count the number of responses that are favorable and or unfavorable towards their owner in each data set (past and present) and then compare them. Once the analysis is finished, we will have a clearer picture on whether the changes made by Jim Buss had a tangible negative effect on his

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