Who Was The Best President Essay

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We have had our fair share of good, strong presidents of our country, Even from the start. From Washington to Tyler they all helped our country to be what it is today. But the real question is, who was the best out of our first ten presidents ? Well Washington is a good choice. He was a very good leader when he leads attempted to lead his army against the angry farmers in the Whiskey Rebellion. John Adams isn’t a bad choice either. He had a huge part in negotiating the treaty of Paris. All if these men are not bad choices, but its crystal clear that the best president is James Monroe. Before Running against Rufus King in the election of 1816, James Monroe fought under George Washington and studied law with Thomas Jefferson. Monroe joined the Continental Army, becoming an officer in 1776, and was part of General George Washington's army at the Battle of Trenton. After Fighting in battle Monroe joined the Anita-federalist because disagreeing with the new constitution and how it lacked the bill of rights. After losing a house seat to James Madison, Monroe was elected by the Virginia legislature as a United States senator, and soon joined the Democratic-Republican faction led by Jefferson and Madison. In the election of 1816 when Monroe won by 149 electoral votes, he went on a goodwill tour to …show more content…

All of the first ten president has something to bring and helped make our country to what it is today but, some presidents did somethings that were things not to be proud of. Martin Van Buren was an awesome president but did you know that before presidency he resigned as secretary of state due to a sex scandal. And Thomas Jefferson is just one big hypocrite! He said that he didn’t think slavery was right, yet he owned more than 200 slaves. Not to mention that he slept with one of his slaves and had children with her. If he really didn’t want slaves to be a thing, then why did he own any in the first

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