Quality Improvement in the Healthcare Field: A Report

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Quality Improvement Report: Quality management in the healthcare field is an aspect that is geared towards ensuring that patients receive excellent provision of care. This process is a function that healthcare facilities are responsible to carry out to demonstrate their due diligence to performing optimal care of their patients. Generally, the use of quality management enables administrators, physicians, and health care business to identify ways of enhancing internal processes that provides more quality for patients' outcomes. In the modern health care industry, several facilities seek for means of receiving an advantage from other organizations in the market. One of the major ways for health care facilities to obtain an advantage over others is to utilize quality improvement that results in better health outcomes for patients. As the leader of a local healthcare facility, Cindy Janowski, has discovered that leading organizations successfully implement quality improvement plans. Since she wants to ensure that the organization cope with the quality standards, Cindy needs to understand the various aspects related to quality improvement in healthcare. Foundational Frameworks of Quality Improvement: The foundational frameworks of quality improvement are tools used to organize the means of the quality of health care. These frameworks refer to the principles that govern the evaluation, determination, and enhancement of quality health care. Generally, the foundational
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