Queen Victoria's Influential Reign Over the British Empire Essay

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Queen Victoria is connected with Britain's economic progress, great age of industrial expansion, and particularly, empire. Right at the moment of her death it was believed, “Britain had a worldwide empire on which the sun never set” (Hibbert 3). Queen Victoria established the nature of the British Empire for future monarchs by reigning through sequences of commanding prime ministers who acquired political control of Britain. “Queen Victoria was born on May 24 1819 in London” (Williams 24). The morning of June 20th, 1837 the king before Queen Victoria had seen his last couple of days and Princess Victoria had become Queen Victoria. She had to quickly learn the ways and customs of being the Queen. In the initial part of her supremacy, two …show more content…

With Prime Minister Lord Melbourne being her first political mentor, in 1840, this guidance would be switched with that of Prince Albert. The British Population never grew to liking him very much. Britain had been taking on the switch to a constitutional monarchy in which the ruler is set with firm authorities and projected to continue above any politics party’s. In 1857, after the Indian Mutiny, control was transitioned from East India Company to that of the crowns. In 1861, the death of her husband would establish her into mourning for the balance of her lifespan. “Staying out of the public eye completed her to be unpopular but then rebounded during the late 1870s and 1880s” (Hibbert 15). In years’ time, the secluded influences of Queen Victoria’s family and the pleasing responsiveness of Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister in 1868, she slowly began to reclaim her public responsibilities. During 1877, Queen Victoria had become the monarch of all India, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, and large regions of Africa. During this instant in time Britain was not heavily tangled in much European activities. Queen Victoria’s magnificent Golden Jubilee took place in 1887 and her astonishing Diamond Jubilee in 1897 were distinguished with excessive passion. With a rebellion in British administration, massive manufacturing extension and the evolution of a global kingdom, Alexandrina Victoria peacefully passed away on

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