Question: Where Do Our Attitudes About Good And Bad Language

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Question: Where do our attitudes about good and bad language come from and how do they correlate with language discrimination?

Ever since the beginning of time, communication has never been considered foreign to any living creature. As a child, you automatically pick up from your surroundings even if you are unaware of it at that very moment in time, same type of concept with language. When you hear your family members, your peers, and other types of “influential” individuals communicate, your brain acts as a sponge in a sense and absorbs what information you hear from them. Now, not all things that other people say are positive especially when it comes to language. For instance, you are taught from a very young age that they way …show more content…

What this means is that people make judgements off the way others communicate, which is something you already may have known because you might do the same exact thing on a daily basis. Language is something that is sacred in a sense because it is something that makes you the person you are today or is just the reason why people look at you the way they do, it is what makes you special. As I had stated previously, the attitudes about good and bad language come from “influential” individuals. Now, the reason I use the word influential is because it is almost impossible to pinpoint what people everyone sees or hears from and try to emulate what those influential people preach into their daily lives. Influential people may be parents, friends, celebrities, journalists, or government officials, basically those people who you feel have the biggest input/ impact on the way you think about things. One of the most powerful figures that we try to emulate from are celebrities, without a doubt. When you see a celebrity, someone who has a lot of money, you will automatically assume that whatever they say, it must mean something. In a sense, we idolize celebrities because they are powerful, they can go anywhere their hearts desire just because they want to. We all wish to be like some

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