Questions On Advanced Testing Combat

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Once some Level 2 Enemies have been dealt with, it is likely that one will encounter a Level 3 College Enemy, such as a Mamma Test or an Essay.

Name: Mamma Test
Name: Essay
Level: 3
Level: 3
Attack: Advanced Testing Combat
Attack: Stealth
How to Defeat: Cool Flips
How to Defeat: KO Attack, Procrastination Prevention

Mamma Tests fight in a manner similar to that of Quizzes, except Mamma Tests have received training in Advanced Testing Combat in order to protect their young. This makes them far more formidable opponents. They attack with intense question barrages and powerful knowledge tests. Many of their questions have been maniacally reworded or restated so as to confuse opponents. Mamma Tests’ questions have resulted in the defeat of many brave soldiers and, unfortunately, there is not a single Response-jitzu-like skill that could be used to defeat all of these brutes. Instead, Mamma Test fighters resort to doing “cool flips,” which is warrior code for “combining information gleaned from Study Hunts with some critical thinking skills to launch the sickest combo moves on the Tests.”
As the code implies, fighting the Tests requires warriors to go on multiple Study Hunts to achieve next-level comprehension and attacking skills. However, sometimes this experience alone just does not cut it. Mamma Test might pull out a question with some flipped-flopped wording, or maybe leave some words out altogether. The warrior then must be able to think on his or her feet and counter
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